Working Towards Alliance in the GTA

There is a new effort aiming to bring a central voice to various trans* groups in the GTA:

The Toronto Trans Alliance aims to act as an umbrella organization representing a wide spectrum of trans people in the Greater Toronto Area, offering social events for members and participating in social justice campaigns centred on issues affecting trans people.

For more information, visit:


Nominations for 2013 INSPIRE Awards

Hi Folks!

I just  wanted to send out notice that nominations for the 2013 INSPIRE Awards closes at the end of February, which is fast approaching!

If someone in your community stands out, they should be nominated! You can find details on this page to ensure they are on track to get the recognition they deserve!

I think it’s awesome that INSPIRE Awards have brought GLAAD on-board as a supporter. By next week, you’ll see posts from GLAAD about their involvement. They will be attending this year’s event at Hart House on June 1st, and speaking as well.


System installed

OK, so I’ve finally made some decisions and taken a few steps.

My vision for is a space for trans organizations across Canada to create their presence online.

I’ve chosen WordPress as a platform, as it’s reasonably well understood. Yes, I know, there are lots of platforms out there, and everybody has their favourite, but the reality is I needed a single system to maintain otherwise we risk withering under technical problems.

WordPress is set in something called “Multisite” mode, which means that each group we host on has their own separate space and autonomy to do what they want to do (of course, within the bounds of our WordPress installation). They manage their own users, and their own content.

So, here we go folks. If you have a trans-related group, and are looking for an online presence, drop me a line and we’ll set something up for you on